Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The pantry project – Finished for now

Finally, I have the pantry done.  Altogether, it took me about a week-ish to do.

The only thing left is to get new handles, but I have yet to find handles for it that:
A.) Fit the current holes in the doors.
B.) Are what I’m looking for.

But for now, the rest of the pantry is DONE, and I can finally get it out of my craft room!  Yay!  (My counters have been overloaded in pantry innards for the whole time I’ve been working on this.)  If you missed it, I put up a post yesterday detailing most of the work I did in this project.


Again, the handles suck… but I don’t have any other handles for it right now.


We have the faux antique hinges... the balsa wood painted black, and then spray painted with Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze, and then a very light dusting of Sparkling Canyon.


The scratching on the hinges could probably have been avoided with patience, and I'll probably go back and fix them later.

And finally, the finished product fully opened.


And here it is, in its place, in use.  Doesn’t it look awesome???  I couldn’t be happier.  (Isn’t it amazing the difference that a different room/light can make on something?  Look how much brighter it all looks in the kitchen than it did in my craft room!  You can see the difference in person as well as in the picture!)


I know, compared to so many of the craft projects that I’ve seen SO many other crafters take on, this is kinda sad, but that’s okay!  It’s my first big project, and I’m proud of myself!!  (I’m also sort of wondering if perhaps finding some poly and putting a coat of that over the paint might project the paint from scratching a bit more?)

Total costs for the project:
Caraway Seed paint by Kilz, quart sized - $5 at Walmart (clearance)
Balsa wood - $1.99 at Michaels
Book for the decoupage - $.25 at library bookstore
Total:   $6.24

Everything else, I already had on hand.

I hope you all like it!!

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  1. Love the book pages inside. Great job!

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