Thursday, March 31, 2011

My trip to Salt Lake

I don't really like going so long between blog posts, but I promise, it was for a good reason!  I spent the last week down in the Salt Lake area attending a conference for special needs advocacy, and it was AMAZING.

And of course, because I was in the area, I went and visited Temple Square.

One of my favorite parts was visiting the Church History Museum.  I had gone with a couple of my cousins and their kids, who really enjoyed playing up in the new children's area of the museum.  While they did that, I wandered through the other exhibits upstairs.  There were a few paintings that really drew my attention that I would LOVE to have prints of.  I don't know if they're available in the store downstairs because it was Sunday, so it wasn't open.

I just couldn't get over the gorgeous rich colors in this painting.  I wish I'd thought to grab the names of the paintings and the artists so that I could find them more easily.  The photo really doesn't do the actual painting justice.

This one was gorgeous too.  The imagery is breathtaking.

This one is even more incredible in person, there's so much texture in the way it was painted, it's incredible.

This one, I actually had to check that it wasn't a photo.  It's an oil on canvas, and it's amazing.  I sat staring at this one for a while.

It was an amazing trip, and I saw several friends and lots of family while I was down there.  I heard no few amount of times that I should move down there, and maybe someday, I will!

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