Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An exciting find

I’ve been a very casual thrift shopper for a long time, but never really looked at things for their potential much until recently.  And today, I’m THRILLED to say, I found a TREASURE!!

Today being Wednesday, it was 50% off the entire store day at St Vincent de Paul’s.  Normally, I don’t hold my breath as far as anything I might find there is concerned, but as I was wandering around their lot, I found THIS beauty:


Totally untouched by the rain that we’ve had the last few days, no mold, just a little bit of dust, a bit of dirt… It’s amazing!  The best part?  It was being sold for $20, but with 50% off, I got it for $10.  Oh  yeah… pretty awesome.

The paint is peeling, so I’m going to want to remove that, sand it, and repaint… but beyond that, I have no idea what to do with it yet.  Mr Mojo made me promise not to start any new projects until I finish the pantry at the very least, which I’m hoping I can have done tomorrow at the latest.

Color me tickled pink, purple, and a little bit mauve!


  1. lol @ Mr wanting you to finish first

  2. Did you do anything with this yet? I painted a black board and screwed it in under the winder, staple gunned an old painted canvas on the back and hung it on the wall..... it looks awesome! I <3 it!