Saturday, March 12, 2011

A front door transformation

While waiting for paint to dry, and between chores around the house, I thought about the wreath out on my front door, and how – while I love the wreath – it can’t look very good on the door as it stands.

Front door BEFORE: Front Door Before

With a wreath in front of that?? Ridiculous. Messy. Uck. But the Private Residence sign is a NECESSITY.  We live on a business lot, in front of a business, with a parking lot for a front yard.  No sign = random strangers walking into my house.  (We try locking the door, but it’s an unusual lock, we have no key, and  locking means we aren't’ always able to get back in.)

I had bought a cheap picture frame at Walmart for $3 the other day while picking up paint for my pantry project and had it sitting around, but wasn’t totally sold on it just yet.  I decided I wasn’t a big fan of the color and style of the frame on the pantry, and I was struck by inspiration!!  I could remove the signs from the door!

I grabbed some scissors, removed the frame leg – the thing that can make it stand on its own – and wrote out a quick note similar to the previous, and used Gorilla Glue to adhere a strong magnet to the back of the frame, and voila!!

Front door AFTER: Front Door After

MUCH much better, don’t you think??  I’ll probably manage to print something out that looks nicer later, but for now, that works just fine for me!

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  1. the front door looks 10x better! I love the frame in the middle of the wreath. I dont think you need to type it out. You have nice handwriting!