Monday, April 4, 2011

What is now a whoops...

I took a brave step.  I bought a pair of throw pillows, sight unseen.  I figured, hey, I tend to like most of this company's designs, and the pillows are on clearance for $1.99!  How bad can they be???

Oooh.  Oooooooh... OH.  They're bad.  They're like little old lady who made them out of an old ugly shirt, left them in a back corner and they got dirty, and haven't been washed yet bad.  OOH they're bad.  At least I only spent $1.99 on them, and I can always use them as pillow forms and make pillow cases for them.  I already know what color scheme I want to go with, now I just need the fabric.

Boy, I wish they weren't so ugly.  Ah well.

Mojo Mama

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