Saturday, April 9, 2011

And I shake my basket on the catwalk

The other day, I saw a sign posted on one of the many blogs I follow -- I can't recall exactly who posted about it -- and fell in love! The sign, originally made by The Handmade Home, was witty, cute, and so fitting for those of us who tend to avoid doing our laundry.

I HAD to have one for my own laundry room. My laundry room isn't nearly as big or gorgeous as hers -- quite the opposite, and really too awkward to get a decent picture of, but I'll try another time -- and I'm not brave enough to try framing mine yet, but I liked the basic idea.

So, I painted a board of plywood that I got at Michael's -- it wasn't very large -- and painted it green first, and then an antique white. I printed off a font that I really liked with the words, stenciled it onto my board, and painted. I wanted a soft look, so I used a toothpick to paint the words on. (Also, my small paintbrushes suck for detail work.) VERY TIME CONSUMING. Then I sanded the board a bit. It still lacked a little something, so I grabbed some mini clothespins I had, glued them on, and my floral wire, and twisted them into mini hangers. (Floral wire is VERY SHARP. Be careful, or you'll end up stabbing yourself in the thumb and bleeding everywhere like I did.) A little hot glue later, and voila!

It was about 1am when I took this picture, so it's a bit darker. If I brightened it up, it would have lost the details... I could take another picture in the light of day... but I'm lazy.

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