Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dining Room Tour

HOUSEography is hosting a House Tour Room-by-Room party. I meant to check in last week with my living room, but I was too lazy to clean I forgot to take pictures.  So this week, I'm joining in with my dining room.  Calling it a tour is kind of amusing, because I live in a double-wide, so it's really more of a glance-in and see it all than a tour, haha.

Here, we have my dining room!  It's still fairly plain, not much to it.  It's a rental, so I can't change a whole lot, so I make do with what I can for now.

You can see into the dining room from the main area of the house.  I believe it was actually designed to be the "breakfast nook", but we turned the original dining room into a work area for my husband, because there's a very light cream carpet installed in there, and I have two small boys who make a lot of mess when they eat.

Here's the view of the dining room from near my front door.  That doorway off to the left in my dining room is the laundry/utility room, and the back door.  I don't really like the white door with the grate that is installed there, so I got one of those curtain rods, similar to a shower curtain rod, and have it held up by a pair of white nails in the doorjamb and hung a sheer curtain in the doorway.

Off to the right is a doorway into my kitchen.  And we have the view from the kitchen to my dining room.

That trunk there by the door, I picked up at Ross for $25.  We store soda and juice and whatnot in there, before we put it in the fridge.  Easy access!

My table is by Better Homes and Gardens, bought it last year from Walmart.  Unfortunately, we've already had one chair break beyond repair, and another two have their rungs coming out on the bottom that my husband needs to fix.  So we have those two older chairs sitting on the side for my sons to sit in in the meantime.

We almost always keep the curtains in the dining room closed during the day, because our house is on the same property as our landlord's business, and it's located right behind our house, and the employees often look in our windows, so for a hint of privacy, I keep the curtains closed until they leave around 3:30.

With the windows open, we have this awe-inspiring view:

Pretty amazing, huh?

So there we have it!  I don't know yet what all I'm going to do to fix up the dining room yet, it's really pretty far down on my list of priorities, altogether.

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  1. It will all come together before you know it! Thanks for linking up to my house tour party!